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Vera scarves dating

the warmth in combination with the spice-amber, cinnamon, faint hints of vanilla-just barely there-just the way i like it.this is a long lasting scent with medium sillage-in otherwords-perfection. Bath and body works makes much better varities of this kind of fragrance at more than half less the price tag. Not that exciting to start with but because I am a very warm person, the amber and vanilla shimmer for me.I was inclined to blame this on my chemistry but I also sprayed it on the paper with same results. Its same as Terre d'Hermes-it has raving reviews and to me it smells revolting(my spouse didn't care for it either).Clearly Hermes and I are not destined to be friends Not my thing, found it rather simple in comparison to eau des merveilles.. By no mean this water is bad, it is just forgettable, smelt so familiar.I always think of amber as "warm" but there was not anything "warm" to my nose.On my wrist it was dusty like library books and resembled cheap men's cologne.I looked at reviews numerous times and every time I tried original or one of its flankers I got basically the same thing-sharp, too pungent and dusty.I gave this particular one a try today-it opens very sharply and in masculine manner(i didn't care for that at all), very woodsy.

This is an energetic amber, provided by the root beer effervescence. You know that vanilla/amber note that is in some fragrances that reminds you of candles from Pier 1? I would call this a safe scent, but it's not is pretty linear, and is a bit too foody for my tastes but at the same time, i can see occasionally reaching for this when i need a warm, comforting scent. i wish there was just a little bit more vanilla in it. i might give it a try again and see if i get anything diferent from it this time.i tried it a few months ago after reading all the reviews about its sensuality and warmth, mistery.. I sprayed this on my arm when I passed by the Hermes counter today, and oh, it has really developed into a warm and cozy amber. If you want to smell like you've been spending time in a spanish bakery then this is the scent for you!!But I do have a lot of really happy memories associated with this scent & it has great lasting power The whole des Merveilles series is just not happening for me.

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The only thing that really stands out is that play doh note (from the ambergris?