Validating mobile number

Posted by / 31-Jul-2017 19:40

Unfortunately this had to be removed for the reasons listed here: #79 Limit Input Characters to Formatted String Length.

separate Dial Code Type: Enable formatting/validation etc.

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Number Insight is a simple web API that you can integrate into your infrastructure within minutes.

Form Validation provides the built-in phone validator to validate the phone number in various countries.

Behind the scenes, it uses Javascript regular expressions to check if a given number matches the pattern of phone numbers in particular country.

You can listen for the following events on the input.If size is not a concern, then you can manually include the script yourself however you like, and as long as it has loaded before you initialise the plugin then it should work fine.To recompile the utilities script yourself, see the comments at the top of src/js/Number information is returned synchronously in the API response.Depending on the information desired, you can select between NI Basic, NI Standard, and NI Advanced.

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Also we display the selected flag on the right instead because it is just a marker of state. Instead of putting the country dropdown next to the input, append it to the element specified, and it will then be positioned absolutely next to the input using Java Script.