Unconventional dating sites

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Unconventional dating sites

Geneva's world famous lakefront is the centerpiece of the city and offers endless opportunities for recreation and relaxation throughout the year.

The Jet d’Eau spouting 140 meters into the air is the world's tallest and symbolizes Geneva's heritage as a leader in the field of hydraulic power.

Location: Place des Volontaires, Rhone River Built in 1886, the Bâtiment Des Forces Motrices was Geneva's first hydro-electric power plant providing the city with water and electricity. Towering over the Old Town in the heart of the city, Saint Peter's Cathedral is Geneva's oldest and most impressive architectural treasure.

The dial is composed of some 6,500 flowers and is updated with new arrangements several times per year.The area is filled with authentic ethnic restaurants and numerous interesting shops, bars and nightclubs.Just over L'Arve River, the neighboring town of Carouge is a Mediterranean style hamlet modeled after the city of Nice in France.Parks Geneva is one of the greenest cities in Europe with more than 20 parks in the city center offering countless opportunities for rest and relaxation.Many people are resting, relaxing, eating, playing or just chilling outside on the grass in a parks, especially in summer.

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Location: 23-29 Rue Louis-Favre Named after the French word for the “Smurfs,” the Schtrumpfs is a modern architectural landmark located in the funky Les Grottes neighborhood behind the train station.