Rozmowa z robotem online dating unconventional dating sites

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Rozmowa z robotem online dating

You would think that people would realize that online exaggerations and deceptions are counterproductive for them, too.

But these types of misrepresentations pale in comparison to being contacted by a bot, the biggest phony of them all. You might be texting with a promising date that turns out to be nothing but sophisticated software mimicking a human.

As the bot continues to develop it will understand which answers work best based on a variety of factors: the personality of the individual, the chat history and their interests and will have a higher success rate in securing dates.Here are five reasons why this could soon become a reality.Rather than a pipedream, chatbots are already used on such sites as Tinder to perform certain functions, paving the way for more developed bots.Chatbots with robust natural language processing (NLP) are able to analyze sentence structure, idioms and patterns to recognize the intent from a question or response in order to provide their own answer from its knowledge base.This means that conversations will sound more natural.

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Petition online dating sites to help stop scammers » A date might also appear much older in person than his online photograph or have a personality that doesn’t jibe with his profile description.

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