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is a sci-fi action movie that isn't very good, and has intense and graphic violence, including people getting fried in intense heat and a lot of fighting.

Characters are in constant peril and many are killed, there are a few four-letter words, and a character speaks of being forced into prostitution.

The game features a rich storyline, intriguing, developed characters, and the voice acting of Vin Diesel.

Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena follows up the story from the original game title as Riddick must now flee the Dark Athena, following his harrowing escape from the notorious Butcher Bay prison. Riddick must escape the predatory Merc-ship Dark Athena using stealth and action to overcome its merciless crew and challenge the nefarious Captain Revas.

The character Riddick has heightened sensory abilities that allow him to see and hear beyond normal human ranges and these abilities are engaged whenever he's crouched in "stealth mode." You'll have the option to use different combinations of stealth, action and even the environment to your advantage.

Named after Senate Parliamentarian Emeritus Floyd M.

THE BAD: there's no predictive text brought up when typing messages out.

The messaging should act more like our phone's text messaging. Instead you end up with 1 insanely long line of text.

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The movie's few strengths are that there are diverse characters on both sides and the way it makes clear that the good guys stand for tolerance.

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