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As it is Carina's first time to act as the film producer, she admits it is a big challenge and her husband, Tony Leung (梁朝偉) supports her from behind.Carina says: "Filming movie is not easy and it is difficult to achieve the best effects.Kenneth Ma Kwok-ming (born 13 February 1974) is a Hong Kong Canadian actor. His father, who worked as a mechanical engineer, would travel back and forth between Hong Kong and Vancouver for work. He attended Delia International School before immigrating with his family to Vancouver, Canada in 1992.One of Ma's early roles was playing the giant cockroach Sui Kung in Dayo Wong's music video "Blue Sky".However within 5 years since graduating from TVB's training course the company started to promote him when he was chosen as one of the S4's for 2004's drama Triumph in the Skies and later as one of the six sui sangs to be the "Olympic 6" (the others being Sammul Chan, Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam and Lai Lok-yi) during the 2004 Athens Olympic games.After graduating from college in 1998, Ma and his entire family decided to return to Hong Kong.Hoping to find something more of his interest he sent out over 70 resumes but only received a response from TVB for an interview notice to their 14th Artist Training Class.

He was handed his first leading role in the drama serial Survivor's Law II opposite Hong Kong singer Ella Koon.

The youngest of a three child family, he has older twin sisters.

At first his family lived in Richmond before settling in Port Coquitlam.

His starting salary at TVB was a meager estimated HK00.00 a month, one third of his former job salary, but since he found acting to be more suitable for him he decided to join TVB.

In the beginning his career at TVB was often playing supporting roles as extras, passers-by and fill ins.

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He does not look like a newcomer and feels pressurised when facing me as he is unsure if I am hard to get along." Siu Hin feels happy and shocked to receive compliments from Carina and needs to prepare himself before filming bed scenes with her.

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