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Teeth were subsequently rinsed with water for 20 seconds and then air-dried using three way syringe.

Both primary and permanent molars were etched for 15 seconds.(b) For Group B (Acid etch with air abrasion pretreatment): Air abrasive system with 50 micron alumina particles was used for 5 seconds at 5 mm distance (as per manufacturer’s instructions) from tooth surface with predetermined angle of 1380 (fixed nozzle in Standard model) and air pressure of 60-80 lbf/pol2, followed by etching as done for Group A.3.

Prevention of oral diseases is preferable to treatment and is the key method of achieving cost effectiveness for oral health improvement programs.

Prevention results in less pain and trauma to the patient and reduces the need for highly trained professional personnel.

PIT AND FISSURE SEALANT APPLICATIONA light curing, resin-based, color changing, unfilled pit and fissure sealant was applied to etched pits and fissures of occlusal surface using applicator tips.

Sealant was cured with the light curing unit for 20 seconds as per manufacturer’s instructions.

ENAMEL SURFACE PRETREATMENT(a) For Group A (Acid etch only): 37 % phosphoric acid solution was applied to primary second molar and permanent first molar occlusal pits and fissures with the help of applicator tip and left for 15 seconds for etching to occur.An additional air abrasion pretreatment step can be avoided in pediatric patients when placing sealants and the procedure can be completed faster with better behavior management using acid etching alone.Key words: Pit and fissure sealant, acid etching, air abrasion.The study population comprised of 50 children aged 6-8 years who met the inclusion and exclusion criteria.•Inclusion criteria: Absence of restorations or prior sealants on the teeth under study, absence of cavitated carious lesions, cooperative child patient, consent for treatment.•Exclusion criteria: Medically compromised patients with history of respiratory disease, mentally and physically challenged patients.The details of the study procedure and the purpose of the study were explained to the parents and written Informed Consent was obtained from them.

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The success of pit and fissure sealants is directly related to their retention.