Photostream folder on pc not updating

Posted by / 16-Dec-2017 21:46

Photostream folder on pc not updating

Note: If you delete them after uploading all the pictures from computer to i Cloud Photostream, you can still download from i Cloud.But if you accidently erase them from your i OS devices, it would be difficult to get back.I wanted to be in control of my photos and to continue keeping a backup on my PC.The first method involves Copy Trans Cloudly (freeware).

This is how slowly but surely, I regained full access to my photos and copied them from i Cloud to my PC. Leave a comment in the section below and I’d be happy to respond.

The following steps are valid only for folks who already have i Cloud Photo Library enabled on their i Phones.

The second method also requires i Cloud Photo Library enabled on your i Phone.

There is still a chance (if you turn on this option) that they are still lingering inside My Photo Stream, an i OS 7 feature that was designed to store your 30 days worth of your latest photos you’ve taken with your i Phone (limited to 1000 latest photos in mobile devices).

I’ve written about how to get rid off those photos once and for all here.

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But what if you do want to use Photo Stream and want to download and store those photos locally in your PC or Mac.