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But it is important to understand that traits are not inert peace like mechanical parts, they are more like chemical substances, they interact/react with each other and while each of them individually can be found in many "normal" people, certain in combinations they react with each other.

for example what we mean by word "extrovert" and "introvert" are actually some constellations of trait.

Again they can and probably should be considered aliens. As a rule, they demonstrate selfishness and egocentricity to the extreme. Everything and everybody is considered by a sociopath to be object to be used in achieving their goals, fulfilling their own needs and desires.

And those features are especially run contrary to expectation of "normal people" in female sociopaths as women are assumed to be caring. Martha Stout, in her book ' The Sociopath Next Door', discusses the techniques of the sociopath -- what she refers to as 'the tools of the trade'.

Female sociopaths are a pretty wide and fuzzy category that includes a wide variety of behaviors, but have the same core set of personality traits.

On one point of the spectrum are Femme fatale, on the other those who wear a mask of a faceless corporate bureaucrats or right wing authoritarian functionaries without sense of humor.

Traits initiate and guide behaviour, but environment also play important role.My "lunch tray moments" consisted of going from table to table, trying to sit down, and kids telling me I wasn't welcome to sit with them, and then eating by myself in the detention room, the only place that would have me.My "gym class moments" consisted of being the girl left over when the last team captain chose the second-to-last girl, and then the other team captain declaring she never picked me and that I was not on her team.Still despite all the shortcoming (and way too many "Right here, right now" type of sex scenes ;-) I would recommend to watch them on PC with two monitors with the screen on the left streaming a movie and taking your notes and putting screenshots on the right screen in MS Word or some other editor.Paper is also good for notes, but you can't edit them afterwards, unless you convert them into some electronic format.

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