Klingon dating

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Klingon dating

On the other hand, with Worf and Jadzia later using the holodeck for their bat'leth practice (as an early hint at their later relationship), the contrast of the holoprograms nicely reflects the change for the worse in the real life of the episode.It is remarkable anyway how well Worf is being introduced, beyond the point of merely becoming acquainted with the crew of Deep Space 9.The episode is also remarkable as it opens a whole new chapter in the series.The first two seasons of DS9 that focused on past conflicts and on more or less "every-day" problems were rather easy-going in hindsight.So why is it that Worf has to redeem himself yet again?

The chancellor only restored Worf's honor when it became blindingly obvious that Mogh was not guilty of treason and absolutely necessary to reward the Mogh family for their loyalty in TNG: "Redemption".As Nerys didn't enjoy the Trill version of a sauna and remained stiff, it begs the question anyway why she would care at all joining Jadzia in the Arthurian Legend holoprogram.Her embarrassment when the two run into Worf for the first time ("Nice hat.") is funny yet gratuitous.It shows that this can be quite exciting if done with care.In anticipation of the following episodes, the series takes a new course, it never really knows where it is going but exactly this is the interesting thing about the season.

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Although my insight comes late, this episode sort of foreshadows the events in DS9: "Tacking into the Wind" when Worf finally kills Gowron in a duel.

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