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The logical treatment is to post invoice in feb 2014 and accrue for it in Jan 2014.

How is it perceived if I just post the invoices received in Feb 2014 as 31-jan-2014 to avoid making journals?

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This pay is generally not taxable if he is deployed (certain circumstances apply) BAS: Basic allowance for subsistence (food). Note that whether you are married with no kids or married with ten kids, the BAH remains the same.

He can elect to receive the paper stub or just view it online at https://mil/

You must have his social security number and pin in order to login and see his LES.

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The LES (Leave Earnings Statement) is basically his pay stub.

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The site can give you further details about how to get this if you don’t have it. On the 15 of the month, the LES has no detail just the amount paid.