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His-and-her plastic surgery, tigers in a bulletproof glass cave, and a 0,000 Chanel dress—what could be more over-the-top than the marriage of Alec and Jocelyne Wildenstein?

Their divorce: a jet-fueled farrago complete with ebony coffin, naked blonde, and loaded pistol. POOCHY Jocelyne Wildenstein with her five Italian greyhounds in the Bonnard Room of the famil’s 14-room Manhattan town house, January 11, 1998.

She also lays claim to the ranch’s other extravagances, including the two tigers who live in a bulletproof glass cave near one of the pools.

Jocelyne says Alec didn’t blink when she bought a 0,000 Chanel dress (designed by her and Karl Lagerfeld) and million worth of jewelry—it was simply the way of a Wildenstein.

And she had a boyfriend: European filmmaker Sergio Gobbi, whom she’d been dating for five years. Since 1965, he’d been living in Paris with Maria Kimberly, a Ford model who’d starred in Jacques Tati’s comedy “That relationship stopped the moment I saw Jocelyne,” Alec says. Later they invited friends and family to a second ceremony in Lausanne. Daniel went as far as to urge Maria Kimberly to try to win his son back. Alec laughs and says, “She had been on many other jets besides Adnan Khashoggi’s.” (Jocelyne says that she had been on only one other jet at that time.)He discounts rumors that Jocelyne had worked for Madame Claude, the famous Parisian bordello owner. Well, they have to try to find something against me.”To which Alec replies, “She never answered, did she?

But Alec’s father, Daniel, was conspicuously missing. “My father and I were great friends with Madame Claude,” says Alec. ”Jocelyne disputes the general consensus that Daniel always kept her at arm’s length.

Photographs of Jocelyne’s once delicate face, stretched freakishly tight by plastic surgery, have only heightened the scrutiny and ridicule.

He adds: 'Women should not send them in the first place.

If you're willing to send a video or photo to one person, think of it like sending it to 1,000 people. Those convicted of revenge porn – the distribution of a private sexual image of someone without their consent and with the intention of causing them distress – could face two years in prison under new laws.

“[I will] be entertaining at home this week.”Jocelyne went anyway.

Just before midnight on September 2, she arrived at the town house with her two bodyguards. Jocelyne says that when she and her assistant went upstairs to the couple’s bedroom Alec appeared at the door wearing only a towel.

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For Diane’s 17th birthday, they built her a $3 million mansion at Ol Jogi.

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