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Simply smelling clean is the exact opposite of the Middle Ages, when bodily raunch (perhaps nowadays best expressed by ) was a powerful natural attractant.

Such light modern musks are to me the equivalent of a lack of feature or personality, a white wall.

Some karate teachers are less interested in voting than they are in other things, like teaching karate.

Your best bet is to use a dating website and find a girlfriend.

Breezy jasmine is a smell people seem to respond to with enthusiasm.

The two most frequent compliments were “nice” and “pretty.” If you think those adjectives run counter to making a statement about personal allure, think again.

Opium I’d save for wearing when someone really knew me and wouldn’t be scared off by what I too-often heard was my “mystery.” Compliments came my way from white florals, in particular jasmine, and not just on dates.I had a number of “nice” and “pretty” girlfriends whose dating schedules rivaled those of Major League Baseball but whose perfumes were certainly not heavy hitters—.Amber was another “success” note with me, so long as it was applied sparingly.'Nine years later, our researchers, doctors, patients and donors are rewriting what is possible by collaborating on cutting-edge treatments that are literally saving lives.'Also included in the post were people who had already won their battles against cancer.They included Jacob Teel (acute lymphoblastic leukemia), Trina Taylor (colon cancer), David Gobin (lunc cancer) and Karen Taphorn (melanoma).

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As polarizing as a note can be, herbal and earthy patchouli can always turn my head, especially when worn by an artistic type.

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