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Hello, I have had a Blackvue dr650 installed in my sons Renault and a Lukas lk350.

The car would not go into park mode as camera would shut down once car ignition was stopped.

If your unit doesn't have a switch, and is purely a battery protection device, then it needs to be connected to a source that is always on.

HI all, I just received a Kaiser Baas r30 as a Christmas present but when I try to install their software onto my Mac from all I get is a bunch of gobbledygook coding.

I'm leaning towards the Blackvue DR650, however I'm seeing a few IROADs on their website. ) post on Whirlpool regarding IROADs, I thought I'd try and see if anyone has any recent experience regarding them?Precious footage can be lost if camera is off ( other driver gets angry and many things).Only problem I had was to train my brain to turn toggle switch on/off as needed Hi All, I am about to install a dash cam, (Blackvue DR650-2CH), and will also be installing a power cut off switch.Not sure how Northern you are, any of these are more than capable Druery Incar Technology ↠ 3/267 Harbord Road Dee Why 2099 ↠ Phone: 02 9938 3988 ↠ Website: Metro Sound ↠ 36 Dickson Ave, Artarmon 2064 ↠ Phone: 02 9436 1995 ↠ Website: Strathfield Car Radio ↠ 57 Parramatta Rd Concord NSW 2137 ↠ Phone: 02 9747 7766 ↠ Website: Metrosound are probably a bit pricey Strathfield do a lot of the OEM integration work for dealers and probably have more experience with a wider range of vehicles than the others, their workshop foreman has been around forever and is a very good installer nothing that difficult about doing a camera install really so it's more about being familiar with the interior trims, how to unclip things without marking or damaging anything, knowing where and how best to run cables to avoid interference with any factory gear, airbags, antenna systems etc So I currently have a power magic pro which runs the Blackvue DR650-GW 2CH.Just bought a Optus 4G Car USB Wi Fi which I plan to recharge p/y for 7GB data (should definitely be enough).

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Can I use a Cigarette Twin Socket from Jaycar to split the power magic pro to both the USB modem and Blackvue dashcam? Because lets say someone crashed into the car when parked Just reviewing some footage from the Street Guardian SG9665GC.